PRODUCTS - Salt Slayer washdown unit

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This portable unit only uses 15lt of water for ten minutes of high pressure cleaning

PRODUCTS - Salt Slayer washdown unit
PRODUCTS — Salt Slayer washdown unit

A portable pressure washer designed to wash off salt water has been awarded "Product of the Year" by a Smart Approved WaterMark expert panel.

Salt Slayer is a portable unit with a 15lt water reservoir, an inbuilt pressure pump that runs off 12v power to produce up to 150psi, and a spray gun attached to a six metre hose. It uses 1.5lt of water a minute to provide 10 minutes of pressure cleaning per tank.

"The washdown of boats, trailers and other vehicles is a major "hidden" water use around Australia’s coasts, so the Salt Slayer can play a big part in helping to reduce the volume of water used," said panel member, Des Horton. "Its portability from power and mains water is also a big asset for fast washdown before salt water dries."

Salt Slayer was developed by Australian company, Asia Pacific Market Development. Salt Slayer is also proving useful for the washdown of equipment like scuba and fishing gear as well as kayaks before they are put on the roofs of cars.

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