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DIY seat supports might save your back

PRODUCTS - Wave Master seat supports
PRODUCTS — Wave Master seat supports

Ever been out for a day and come back with a crook back? The designer behind the Wave Master seat support system, Doug Paul, has seen it first hand, when a good mate thought he had to give up boating because his back would get jarred every time a big wave hit the boat. Doug felt that no on should have to give up their favourite pastime, and so he developed his own solution.

Wave Master seat supports are, as the name implies, designed to absorb the rocking and jarring on seats that results when waves hit a boat. They will fit most 60mm poles, and most 75mm poles when you add the supplied insert. Assembly, according to Wave Master, takes mere seconds (and is said to be extremely easy), and they can be transferred between boats.

The maximum recommended load is 120kg, and each unit contains a dampener, four adaptor sleeves, Allen key, and a manual.

RRP is $385 + $20 postage per unit and trade enquiries are welcome.

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