NEW PRODUCTS - Clarion CMS1 'Black Box'

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Zero current draw when off

NEW PRODUCTS - Clarion CMS1 'Black Box'
NEW PRODUCTS - Clarion CMS1 ‘Black Box’

Clarion says its CMS1 marine digital media AM/FM receiver represents an entirely new and unique source unit category for marine and harsh environment applications.

This two-piece system is comprised of an IPX-6 rated command center and a hide-away brain ‘black box’ module.

The CMS1 is an AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Media receiver with a built-in 40Wx4 amplifier, USB Port, iPod interface port with iPod battery recharge function, an auxiliary input and a preamp output.

Clarion said also unique to CMS1 is its electrical design, using an EEPROM to store information it doesn’t require a constant power connection and means that when the boat’s ignition is turned off it doesn't draw current ensuring no chance of a dead battery.

"The CMS1 is the perfect solution for boats that don't have room for a conventional source unit or for harsh environments," said Clarion.

"The CMS1 is ready for Clarion's new 2009 wired remote control system. Choose the MW1 7.6cm remote for full control over your source unit functionality and enjoy an LCD display to let you know what’s going on.

"Our MW2 50cm remote has all the same functionality, but without the display. You can connect up to three remotes to a single compatible source unit with the MWRYC Y-cable and MWRXC 7 metre extension cable," Clarion said.

The Clarion CMS1 has a recommended retail price of $439.

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Features- Clarion CMS1
Marine Digital Media AM/FM receiver

* MP3, WMA Compatible with ID3-TAG Display
* 6 FM / 6 AM Station Presets & Weather Band Tuner
* Surface mount Control Center
* USB Port on Hide-Away Chassis
* Direct iPod Audio Interface and Control (Optional CCUIPOD1 Required)
* 4ch Gold Plated RCA Jacks & Harness
* 40W x 4 Built-in Amplifier
* New Wired Remote Ready (Optional MW1/2)
* Meets ASTM B117 Salt/Fog Exposure Standard
* Meets ASTM B117 Salt/Fog Exposure Standard
* IPX6 Rated Control Center
* Water Resistant Hide-Away Chassis
* HumiSeal Coated PCB and CPU

* Allowable Voltage: 10.8V to 15.6V
* 1-year Backup Memory
* Zero current draw when off
* Current Consumption (Max) 15amp
* Antenna output rated current 500mA
* Maximum Power Output 40Wrms x 4
* CEA-2006 Power Output 16Wrms x 4
* Line Level Output Voltage 2.0 Vrms

* Pedestal Mount BKU001
* iPod Interface Cable CCUIPOD1
* Rear Panel Aux Input Cable CCAAUX
* Rear USB extension CCAUSB
* Wired Display Remote MW1
* Wired Remote MW2
* Remote Extension Cable MWRXC
* Remote Y-Cable Cable MWRYC

Photo: The two-piece Clarion CMS1 marine digital media/receiver.


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