NEW PRODUCTS - Military-rated Quicksilver HD Sports inflatable

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New inflatable boat carries 11 and perfect for diving

NEW PRODUCTS - Military-rated Quicksilver HD Sports inflatable
NEW PRODUCTS – Military-rated Quicksilver HD Sports inflatable

Quicksilver say is offers a whole new dimension of boating options and excitement with its brand-new 470 Heavy Duty Sports inflatable boat, which is rated to handle a 60hp outboard.

With a maximum load-carrying capacity of 1800kg (or up to 11 people) it’s the perfect option for diving enthusiasts, said the manufacturer.

"This new 470 Sports is based on the TM 470, which we produce for military use, so that tells you a lot about its capabilities," said Ian Stanley, Product Manager – Quicksilver Inflatables.

"It really is ideal for diving or fishing. You can go as a group, carry all your gear and get there fast — it’s perfect.

"There are also stainless steel towing eyes in the reinforced transom, so it’s fantastic for tow sports," he said.

While the 470 Sports is rated to handle a 60hp outboard Quicksilver said it will still perform beautifully with a 40hp two-stroke or four-stroke.

The 470 Heavy Duty Sports has a non-slip aluminium floor for added strength and stability, while an inflatable V-shaped keel and special speed-tube are said to deliver impressive handling characteristics.

Quicksilver said multiple air chambers provide additional safety and the boat is available in either Duratex or Hypalon fabric — both super-tough materials that offer excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions — with double-layer wear pads for even more protection.

The 470 Heavy Duty Sports also has easily accessible internal hooking eyes that are ideal davit lifting points, air valves with a spring-loaded quick-seal system, and ample grab ropes for easy exit and entry from the water.

"It is a fantastic combination — it can be a great diving platform, a people mover, or a group cruiser — and you know with Quicksilver you’re getting quality from bow to stern," Stanley said.

The 470 HD Sport Duratex has a recommended retail price of $A5940 ($NZ7734); and the 470 HD Sport Hypalon $A8118($NZ9563).

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Quicksilver 470 Heavy Duty Sport


Duratex HD or Hypalon XD



Rec. max. people


Rec. max. HP


Transom height


Rec. max. engine weight


Rec. max. load



192kg Duratex HD model;
Hypalon XD model

Length [outside]


Width [outside]


Tube diameter


Number of air chambers

6+Keel +2 speed tubes





Dimensions of folded boat (cm)- Bag 1
- Bag 2

175 x 78 x 48
135 x 71 x 20

Warranty on fabric and seams

3 years Duratex HD model;

5 years for Hypalon XD model


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