NEW PRODUCTS - Overboard electronics covers

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Take underwater photos with your phone camera

NEW PRODUCTS - Overboard electronics covers
NEW PRODUCTS — Overboard electronics covers

The aptly named Overboard range of waterproof cases and dry-bags are designed to shield iPods, cameras, credit cards, keys and other valuables from dirt, dust, salt, and of course water.

These cases, according to the supplier, can protect their contents to a depth of up to 5.8m, thanks to a patented "Slide Seal System™" that keeps the interior dry.

For phone and camera cases, there’s also a clear window, made from a material called Lenzflex. Apparently this allows cameras and even phone cameras to clear take underwater pictures. Phones are also said to remain fully functional, since the cases are flexible. They also prevent wind noise.

There are many obvious marine applications where a working mobile phone is an excellent idea. One of its cleverer uses is at the beach, where you can

The Overboard range is designed in Europe and distributed throughout Asia by Sunworld International, a company based in the Gold Coast. Dry bags and backpacks are also available for protecting laptops, cameras and other large electronics.

These start from $29.95. Visit for more information.

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