NEW PRODUCTS - The Plate-Mate

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Get those stubborn deckplates open with this clever tool from the US

NEW PRODUCTS - The Plate-Mate
NEW PRODUCTS — The Plate-Mate

The Plate-Mate is one of those products that’s brilliant in its simplicity, yet so very useful because it can potentially make a hard job much easier.

Marketed online by US-company Larand Products, the Plate-Mate is intended to open stubborn deckplates that often have their threads jammed with sand and salt.

It can’t rust because it’s made from tough plastic, its prongs will fit different sized plates because they’re adjustable, and best of all, it floats, according Larand Products.

Note that at the time of printing, the company’s website said the product was available with free shipping, but an email to the supplier revealed that this is for US locations only. We’re told postage to Australia is an extra $US 13.45.

Visit to order and for more information.


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