NEW PRODUCTS - Underwater Escort

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Interphase Escort offers advanced forward-scanning sonar technology at an affordable price

NEW PRODUCTS - Underwater Escort
NEW PRODUCTS — Underwater Escort

Our oceans and inland waterways are filled with dangers lurking beneath the surface — semi-sunken freight containers, large pallets or logs floating vertically, bottom obstructions such as shallow wrecks, coral reefs,
and sandbars.

Interphase Technologies has introduced a new, affordable forward-scanning sonar system developed to help both sailors and powerboat skippers avoid these and other potentially dangerous conditions, claimed the Australian distributor, Coursemaster Autopilots.

The Interphase Escort uses a 12-degree beam to scan a vertical segment of the water ahead of the boat, from the surface down to the bottom.

Said to be able to detect targets as much as 360m ahead of the boat and up to 180m below, the new Escort gives recreational and light commercial mariners the security and confidence they need to navigate tricky or unfamiliar waters.

Targets are displayed in 12 colours based on signal strength, to help determine whether they’re approaching a harmless school of baitfish or a dangerous submerged object.

The distributor said the Escort is designed for easy connection with popular multifunction displays from leading manufacturers including Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance and Seiwa, using the units’ composite video output/input.
Navigators can also connect the Escort to inexpensive computer monitors on enclosed vessels and can offer optional simultaneous two-station capabilities on larger vessels.

Each Escort system includes a compact Escort Sonar Module, remote keypad with 3m cable, 3m of both VGA and video connection cabling, and a choice of either through-hull or transom-mount transducer. Coursemaster Autopilots said this easy-to-use and easy-to-install package with no moving parts has a retail price of $1895.

Interphase also offers a 7in colour LCD display with integral keypad as an option.

Coursemaster Autopilots said the Escort provides the same advanced operational features that have made Interphase’s scanning sonar technology a popular collision avoidance/fishing tool with more than 35,000 units in operation worldwide.

Features include: Auto Range and Gain settings; Down/Forward Target Alarms; NMEA depth output; NMEA GPS Input; Keel Offset; choice of Sunlight, Day or Night colour palettes for optimum visibility in any conditions; and split-screen mode showing straight down and forward scanning views side-by-side.

For further information, contact Coursemaster Autopilots, phone (02) 9417 7097, email: or visit


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