A prop for all seasons

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Mercury has the industry’s most extensive range of propellers

A prop for all seasons
A prop for all seasons

Mercury said it has the industry’s largest range of propellers, with more than 700 models including custom-built designs. Its propellers can be used on competing brand engines, as well as Mercury engines.

A number of unique features go into the manufacture of Mercury propellers, like X7 Alloy. This alloy is said to be far stronger and durable than conventional stainless steel, and according to Mercury, it allows for the design of propellers that would be impossible to make with standard metals.

Mercury propellers also use the company’s exclusive Performance Vent System (PVS), which allows users to custom-tune the venting of their propeller blades.

Another feature is the use of the Flo-Torq II Hub System, which is intended to provide maximum protection to engines, drives and propellers. This system, said Mercury, takes more of the strain when an engine is shifted into gear, and it is also designed to significantly reduce damage to the engine by breaking away quickly in the event of an underwater collision.

Visit www.mercurymarine.com.au for more information.


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