NEW PRODUCTS - CTEK Multi XS 4003 battery charger

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CTEK releases professional-quality digital battery charger to the consumer market

NEW PRODUCTS - CTEK Multi XS 4003 battery charger
NEW PRODUCTS — CTEK Multi XS 4003 battery charger

The Multi XS 4003 is a battery charger with digital capabilities that reduces battery charging time, and is also said to make battery operation safer and easier, since the current and voltage can be controlled.

CTEK founder and battery expert Bengt Wahlqvist compared the charger’s digital capabilities to upgrading television from analogue to digital formats.

"The new technology in the Multi XS 4003 benefits consumers with increased speed and accuracy in charging and maintaining their battery, much like viewers enjoying superior picture and sound quality on their television with an upgrade of technology," he said.

"The Multi XS 4003 uses a digital microprocessor to control the battery charging process. This new technology streamlines the charging process, making the charger one of the most intelligent products on the market."

The Multi XS 4003 has a practical display that shows information on battery diagnostics, the charging process, when to start the vehicle, and other smart functions.

The Multi XS 4003 comes with a five-year warranty. The RRP is $149.

A range of connection accessories is also available. Visit for more information.

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