NEW PRODUCTS - Kingfisher Canopy

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New fully collapsible canopy maximises fishing space and is easily stored away

NEW PRODUCTS - Kingfisher Canopy
NEW PRODUCTS — Kingfisher Canopy

The Kingfisher canopy is a self-supporting and collapsible marine frame that maximises useable space around a boat.

It protects passengers from the sun and elements, but with the added benefit of independently collapsible front and back sections. There are no struts on the front or back, and the material is waterproof and UV-stabilised fabric.

The Kingfisher canopy is made locally by Undercover Canvas, which says the product has been tested in its fully extended position in speeds up to 60kmh. It is said to be easy to operate, and it can even be fully stored in an optional "travel sock." Undercover Canvas says the Kingfisher canopy has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Sizes start from 2.4m and custom-designs are also available. RRP starts from $762 plus freight. Call (02) 6686 5116 to order or visit for more information

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