NEW PRODUCTS - The Waterbuoy

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Self-activating miniature floatation device can carry save valuables

NEW PRODUCTS - The Waterbuoy
NEW PRODUCTS - The Waterbuoy

Never lose valuables overboard again with the Waterbuoy miniature floatation device from marine parts supplier Marine Solutions.

The Waterbuoy is the world’s strongest self-activating miniature floatation device, according to the company, because it can lift up to 1kg back to the surface. This makes it ideal for protecting items like keys, mobile phones, cameras and other valuables.

It uses a patented trigger mechanism that is designed to activate seconds after submersion, and which prevents valuables from drifting or sinking before they resurface.

Marine Solutions also said that the Waterbuoy is the only miniature floatation device that is visible at night, thanks to its flashing light. More than 80 per cent of items falling overboard are apparently lost during low light, usually when loading or unloading a boat in the early morning or late at night.

Throughout the month of April, Marine Solutions said it is also offering a bonus waterproof pouch (for keeping mobile phones and wallets safe and dry) with every Waterbuoy purchased online.

Flotation time is 24 hours. RRP is
$19.80 + $4.50 postage around Australia (Express post)

Visit to order and for more information.

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