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Easily mounted DIY drinkholder solves the age-old problem of what to do with yoru drink while driving a boat or pulling in a big one

PRODUCTS - Cooler Caddy
PRODUCTS — Cooler Caddy

The Cooler Caddy addresses the age-old problem of what to do with a can or drink bottle while driving your boat or pulling in a fish, especially since many boats have built-in drinkholders that are rarely located in convenient locations.

The Cooler Caddy is made from two extremely durable HPDE plastic components — the Caddy Bracket and the Caddy Hook. The bracket can be mounted on any vertical surface with either double-sided tape (included), or alternatively with two self-tapping screws for a permanent installation. The Caddy Bracket requires a flat mounting surface of just 30mm square to work effectively.

Once you have mounted the Caddy Bracket in the desired position the Cooler Caddy is easy to use. Simply place the Caddy Hook inside a neoprene (wetsuit material) stubby cooler, followed by your can or bottle of drink. The pressure from the drink container inside the neoprene stubby cooler keeps the Caddy Hook in position so it can hang off the Caddy Bracket, leaving your hands free.

The RRP is
$9.95 for a pack of two. Visit for stockists.
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