NEW PRODUCTS - Designer Boats Australia DIY boat kits

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Fancy making your own tinnie?

NEW PRODUCTS - Designer Boats Australia DIY boat kits
NEW PRODUCTS — Designer Boats Australia DIY boat kits

Designer Boats Australia is a NSW-based company that provides DIY boaties interested in making their own boat with pre-cut engineered flatpacks.

It’s a bare bones approach, but according to company principal, naval architect Peter Booth, for a lot of his buyers it’s as much about saving a few dollars as it is about the sense of achievement.

Buyers contact the company and specify what type of boat they want. Orders are then delivered, consisting of a set of full-length extrusions as well as a set of construction drawings, product labels, and Australian Builders Plate. A trailer, said to be purchased at wholesale, may also be included in the package depending on the model.

Optional items are not included (not even the very basic ones) like seat bases, storage boxes, targa bars, livebait tanks, rodholders, ladders, windscreens, or even buoyancy foam, although you do get a fuel tank, as well as the drawings, photos, and sketches. Peter says his customers also have electronic access to a build manual, and he says they can contact him for advice.

Peter says anyone attempting a project should have (or obtain) some experience in aluminium welding, or should have access to a qualified welder. He adds that the flatpack sheets have part numbers because they are cut by computer, making them easier to assemble for less experienced users.

Peter says a 6m x 7m garage is usually enough space, and all flatpacks are covered by professional indemnity insurance for the design side of things.

The correct equipment is required for assembly, and equipment like welding machines may be hired (a deposit is required). Manufacturing agents, who can also operate as consultants, are available in eastern States.

Sizes start from a 464 and freight for basic materials will vary according to location. RRP
from $7500 (464 model) plus freight. Visit for more information.

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