Product of the Month - Anchor Alert

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A new and revolutionary electronic anchor-monitoring system

Product of the Month - Anchor Alert
Product of the Month - Anchor Alert

Ultra Marine Products has obtained the exclusive distribution rights throughout Australasia for a new and revolutionary electronic anchor-monitoring system aptly called Anchor Alert that is said to accurately measure anchor movement, as opposed to using a GPS that can only monitor your vessel’s movement. This technology should help allay the fears of the boat owner who anchors in crowded waterways. If the anchor moves, the alarm will instantly sound.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Deep Blue Marine, Anchor Alert is a wireless system comprising of a transponder connected directly to the anchor, along with a boat-based transducer, the Blue Box wireless commander, and a handheld alarm.

This unique system claims to be first in the world that can accurately measure the straight line distance between the boat and the anchor. This data is updated every four seconds and the overall distance measured is accurate to within half a metre, although the system can provide a straight line measurement of up to 200m.

The through-hull transducer, which receives the ultra-sonic signal from the anchor unit and converts it into a digital signal, is available in plastic, bronze or stainless steel depending upon your vessel and hull type. The bronze transponder unit is water activated and available in two sizes, making it suitable for vessels ranging from 8m to 60m.

Meanwhile, the transponder (which is connected to your anchor) is a state-of-the-art three-dimensional moving sensor, ensuring the alarm only sounds when your anchor moves, not your boat. If your vessel is simply swinging round the end of your anchor chain in the breeze, Anchor Alert will not disturb you with annoying false alarms, ensures the distributors.

The handheld mobile alarm panel can be carried by the skipper at all times and can monitor up to two anchors simultaneously, identifying which anchor has moved. The mobile alarm also visually displays the level of anchor movement and includes a history bar to provide a more permanent record of overall activity.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this system is its wireless connectivity. All that’s required is access to a power supply. The Blue Box Wireless Commander relays the wireless signal from the transducer to the handheld alarm unit and can interface with a PC.

You also have the option of installing additional Blue Box wireless transmitters (which transmit back to the Blue Box Wireless Commander) should you wish to activate speed, depth and temp, or future projects such as Man Over Board, Marina and Tender Surveillance, Weatherstation, and DTC.

For further information, contact Ultra Marine Products, phone (07) 3382 0250 or visit

Photo: Once shackled into place, the bronze-cased transponder is designed to flow through most commonly found bowrollers, ensuring troublefree deployment.


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