NEW PRODUCTS - Ark Corporation Trailer Rescue kit

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Save your trailer (and your holiday) from disaster with these emergency bearing kits

NEW PRODUCTS - Ark Corporation Trailer Rescue kit
NEW PRODUCTS — Ark Corporation Trailer Rescue kit

There’s nothing worse than having to spend the day replacing trailer bearings 50km into a holiday. Most boaties will check their boat, make sure the motor is in running order, and get the fishing gear packed and organized — but too often trailer bearings are ignored before a long trip.

While it’s not always possible to carry all the spare parts needed to cover every emergency, spare bearings should always be high on the list of "must have" items.

To overcome this problem, the Ark Corporation has released the Trailer Rescue kit. This is basically a system that allows a trailer to carry a complete hub or disc hub assembly, including bearings.

The Trailer Rescue also doubles as a spare wheel carrier. The unit can be mounted on either a drawbar or on a winch-post, and will suit Holden and Ford type bearings.

The Trailer Rescue kit sells for $69.95. Call (02) 9678 9036 for dealers or visit
for more information.

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