NEW PRODUCTS - Ocean Eyewear

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More than 500 styles of outdoor glasses to choose from

NEW PRODUCTS - Ocean Eyewear
NEW PRODUCTS — Ocean Eyewear

The Ocean Eyewear range of sunglasses consists of over 500 seasonally updated styles that cater to a wide range of conditions. These sunglasses will not corrode in sea air and feature scratch-resistant lenses that are said to be as durable as they are stylish.

Ocean Eyewear offers a comprehensive range, including polarised glasses that are popular with outdoor and sporting enthusiasts, thanks to their robust 1.1mm lenses. All sunglasses have UV400 lens protection against harmful UV A and B rays as well as blue-light reduction. The frames are extremely tough and carry a one-year unconditional warranty on breakage. Each lens has anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-static electricity treatments. All products carry a manufacturer’s warranty and comply with Australian, New Zealand and European quality standards.

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