NEW PRODUCTS - Blackfin Replacement Skegs

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Fix a damaged skeg and actually improve its performance

NEW PRODUCTS - Blackfin Replacement Skegs
NEW PRODUCTS — Blackfin Replacement Skegs

US-made Blackfin Replacement Skegs will allow you to repair a damaged skeg with a minimum of fuss. Distributed in Australia by Black Pete, they are also fitted by many boaters because they also improve a boat’s performance.

The benefits of fitting a Blackfin Replacement Skeg are said to include less slide on turns, less cavitation, and better fuel economy. Made from a high-impact nylon composite, the skegs come in three sizes and are said to be suitable for the protection and replacement of skegs on all outboards and sterndrive engines.

The kits require no drilling or modifications to boats or engine — they simply glue on to an existing skeg with a special impact-absorbing adhesive.

Three sizes are availabe:
10.5in, 12.5in and 15.5in. RRP

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