NEW PRODUCTS - Fisherman 4 Para Anchor

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This anchor made from a parachute is said to help stability and eliminate drift

NEW PRODUCTS - Fisherman 4 Para Anchor
NEW PRODUCTS — Para Anchor

Hold fast with the Fisherman 4 Para Anchor, a clever device that according to its manufacturer helps eliminate drifting thanks to the effect of the wind.

The Fisherman 4 Para Anchor is designed for use with boats of up to 6m, but Para Anchors are also available for boats up to 8m, 10m and 11m, with other sizes available on request. Simply deploy the Para Anchor, and its nylon parachute has the effect of anchoring the vessel in the water.

The Fisherman 4 is simply a smaller version of the sea parachutes made by the same company, and is used to good effect by cruising yachtsman and commercial fishers.

In addition to helping you stay with the fish, Para Anchor says its product also has safety benefits. For example, in the event of a breakdown it can help prevent a boat from being blown away from a search area, as is often the case. It also anchors the boat in a conventional manner, holding the bow to the wind and sea, which can help prevent swamping or capsizing.

The Fisherman 4 Para Anchor comes complete with the parachute, a Nylon Para-Braid anchor line, a float and retrieval line, and a four-year warranty. They start from from $161 plus freight. Call (03) 5144 1244 to order.

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