NEW PRODUCTS - Lowrance X-4 preview

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Budget Lowrance fishfinders to hit stores in December

NEW PRODUCTS - Lowrance X-4 preview
NEW PRODUCTS — Lowrance X-4 preview

December will see the release of the Lowrance X-4 series of budget fishfinders starting at under $150.

The range covers single and dual-frequency fishfinders — the X-4, X-4 Pro and X-4 Portable models. They have 10.2cm (4in) LED displays with four levels of grayscale definition that Lowrance says are easy to view in direct sunlight.

The entry-level X-4 has a 200kHz Skimmer transducer with a 60° arc that is said to be effective at depths of over 180m. The X-4 Pro has 83/200kHz dual-frequencies with a 120° arc said to be effective in over 300m of water. Lowrance says both models can deliver bottom readings at speeds of up to 110kmh. They also have water-temperature sensors.

Other features include "GRAYLINE" technology for separating fish from structure; "Advanced Signal Processing" (ASP), said to automatically adjust sonar settings for a better picture; and the "FishTrack" function, for displaying depth readings above fish symbols.

These units are waterproofed to the IPx7 Standard and have a one-year limited warranty.

As mentioned, X-4 fishfinders will be available from December 2010. RRP starts from $149 for the X-4. Visit for more information.

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