NEW PRODUCTS - Raymarine LifeTag

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Personal tagging system sounds alarm during man overboard situation

NEW PRODUCTS - Raymarine LifeTag
NEW PRODUCTS — Raymarine LifeTag
Raymarine LifeTag is a personal man overboard system that uses the latest in wireless radio frequency broadcast technology to ensure that crew members on a boat remain safe.

LifeTag monitors up to 16 crew members on a boat by means of LifeTag pendants. According to Raymarine these broadcast a signal back to a base station that identifies the wearer as "safe." In the event of an actual man overboard situation, the link between the victim's pendant and the LifeTag base station is broken and the alarm is said to be raised automatically.

This occurs when the victim's LifeTag signal rapidly degrades by immersion in water, or as the distance between the victim and boat increase (typically around 10m). When this happens, the LifeTag base station is said to respond automatically by sounding an audible alarm onboard.

Each LifeTag is also fitted with a manual activation button. This enables crew members to call for assistance in case of fire, flooding, medical emergency or other emergency situations.

LifeTag can also trigger the automatic man overboard system in Raymarine SeaTalk compatible chartplotters, radars and instruments.

LifeTag is light enough to be easily attached to a lifejacket, PFD, safety harness or belt. The system includes two LifeTag Wireless pendants, a LifeTag base station, batteries, straps, external alarm module and power cable. Additional pendants are available separately.

RRP is $896 (additional pendants are $159). for dealers.


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