NEW PRODUCTS - Bladefish SeaJet

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Underwater thrill torpedo perfect for scuba diving and other watery fun

NEW PRODUCTS - Bladefish SeaJet
NEW PRODUCTS — Bladefish SeaJet

Take your scuba diving or snorkelling to a new level with the Bladefish SeaJet, a compact range of underwater propulsion units powered by a lithium-ion battery hooked up to an 18V, 240W electric motor.

Measuring 37cm x 39cm x 17cm, the unit is small enough to be carried in an average gear bag. Depending on the model, it weighs in at under 5kg and its battery charge time is said to take around four hours.

Five different versions are available, starting with the entry-level SeaJet 1000, a model that is suitable for beach shallows or the home pool. It’s rated to a maximum depth of 20m.

In the middle of the range, the SeaJet 3000 is suitable for short scuba dives. Rated to a maximum depth of 30m, it has a top speed of 4.25kmh and a battery life of between 20 and 40 minutes.

At the top of the range is the SeaJet 5000, which Bladefish says is for serious divers. The SeaJet 5000 has a top speed of up to 5.25kmh and is rated to a maximum depth of 50m. It also offers the diver a choice of three different speed settings. Bladefish says the SeaJet 5000’s battery life is good for between 40 minutes and two hours, depending on speed and prevailing conditions.

All units save for the 5000 have slightly positive buoyancy, meaning they will float. Manufacturing plans are said to be underway to make the 5000 positive too.

Bladefish has authorised outlets across Australia bar SA, NT and the ACT, and the SeaJet comes with a 12-month warranty. A coiled lanyard is also available as an accessory.

RRP is
from $599 for the SeaJet 1000 to $1099 for the SeaJet 5000. Visit to locate a dealer.

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