NEW PRODUCTS -Simrad NSO Offshore

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Navigation system integrates chartplotter, autopilot, Broadband Radar, Simrad HD Digital Radar, and fishfinder on large-screen displays

NEW PRODUCTS -Simrad NSO Offshore
NEW PRODUCTS —Simrad NSO Offshore

From sailing to cruising to fishing, Simrad says its new large-display NSO Offshore navigation system leverages the complete lineup of Simrad performance modules in a variety of multi-display formats.

Based on the Simrad NSE platform — and available with 25.4cm (10in), 38.1cm (15in) and 48.3cm (19in) display screens — the new NSO Offshore system borrows a proven software feature set with unique integration and control capabilities.

Simrad says professional-level performance is assured with a reliable and rugged NSO Marine Processor, while the all-new OP40 remote keypad delivers NSE-style control for up to four networked systems when used in multi-display helms. The NSO Marine Processor has dual DVI video output for installation of a remote, repeated display, and the system is said to network seamlessly with the NSE8 and NSE12 for additional upgrade and layout options.

A rotary controller, dedicated chart, sonar and radar keys, and an alphanumeric keypad deliver ease of control in all system functions — as a chartplotter, autopilot, Broadband Radar, Simrad HD Digital Radar, or as a fishing system with the Broadband Sounder and StructureScan modules.

The NSO Offshore is compatible with the Simrad SonicHub multi-zone audio system and CZone digital switching technology to offer complete vessel integration. Chartplotter, iPod and navigation lights can all be controlled from the primary NSO display.

Simrad’s NSO Offshore system will be available in early 2011. RRP is around $9199 for the NSO15 kit.

For further information, contact Navico Australia, phone (02) 9936 1000 or visit:


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