NEWS - New Handbook free for NSW Boaters

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Includes new PFD regulations

NEWS - New Handbook free for NSW Boaters
NEWS — New Handbook free for NSW Boaters

NSW Maritime’s Safe Boating Handbook 2010-2011 is now available free throughout the State in print and online.

NSW Maritime chief executive, Steve Dunn said the handbook contains essential information for safe and responsible boating, such as what safety gear to carry, boating and navigation rules and what to do in an on-water emergency.

It also provides detailed information about boat-driver licensing and vessel registration requirements. Licence testing procedures are outlined in detail, including the practical component introduced in 2009 to further promote safe and responsible boating.

"This latest edition boating handbook includes comprehensive information about the new compulsory lifejacket wearing requirements, which came into effect for all recreational vessels on NSW waterways on 1 November 1," said Dunn.

"Lifejackets are a key piece of safety equipment on any vessel, but they can’t save your life if you’re not wearing one," he adds.

Some of the new lifejacket rules include:
Lifejackets must be worn by children less than 12 years-old at all times in a vessel less than 4.8m, and in an open area of a vessel less than 8m long that is underway.
Lifejackets must be worn by all boaters in a vessel less than 4.8m at night, on open (ocean) waters, on alpine waters, and when boating alone.

There will be a 12-month advisory period while boaters get used to the new lifejacket rules.

More than 150,000 handbooks are printed and distributed each year as part of a program to promote safe and responsible boating.

Copies of the new Safe Boating Handbook are available free from all NSW Maritime offices, as well as on-line at

Photo: What to look for. The cover of the Safe Boating Handbook 2010-2011.


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