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RFD launches new ultra-compact inflatable Cyclone 150N


RFD says it has met the challenge of the new Australian Standard for the design and manufacture of PFDs with the release of a completely new inflatable jacket.

According to the company, the new RFD Cyclone 150 represents a major breakthrough in PFDs. The Cyclone not only achieves the top level 150N performance in buoyancy, but in so doing delivers superior comfort for the wearer. The 150N rating is for general use on coastal and inshore waters, plus offshore and for rough-weather use, and is designed to turn an unconscious person onto his or her back and keep the face out of the water.

The RFD Cyclone 150N jacket is eminently suitable for fishing, sailing and all forms of boating. It is officially certified to meet all the stringent requirements of the new Australian Standards (AS4758).

The internal bladder, firing mechanism and CO² gas bottle all fit very neatly inside the black valise and there is minimal bulk to the Cyclone PFD150N.

The Cyclone 150N is available in a range of configurations. Options include manual or auto inflate, with or without harness loop and an optional crutch strap.

Standard features common to all Cyclone models include a red lifting handle sewn in and manufactured from robust webbing fabric. This is an important aid in rescue to grab the wearer while in the water.

There is an adjustable closing buckle conveniently located to the side. This is not only comfortable, but easily accessed by the wearer. There is also an adjustable back strap, and a soft neoprene collar, making the jacket easy to wear and avoid chaffing on the back of the neck when worn for an extended period.

The Cyclone 150N is suitable for both male and female wearers, over 40kg.

One size fits all body types.

"The new Cyclone 150N PFD is a world-leading, high-quality PFD that delivers unheralded standards of comfort and compact size to the Australian boating market." said RFD managing director, Mark Barker.

RFD is an international supplier of marine safety products and inflatable watercraft marketed under a range of brand names. Some of these brands include Plastimo boating equipment, Kannad Marine, ACR electronics and Comet pyrotechnics.

For further information, phone (02) 9330 7000, fax (02) 9330 7098, email: or visit

RFD Cyclone 150N Inflatable PFD

MODEL (all prices include GST)
JLIF54: RRP $82.50 (manual activation)
JLIF57: RRP $97.17 (manual activation w/ harness)
JLIF56: RRP $126.50 (auto activation)
JLIF58: RRP $163.17 (auto activation w/ harness)

JLIF59 (crutch strap): RRP $9.17
JLIF60 (manual re-arm kit): $28.42
JLIF61 (auto re-arm kit): $43.08

Photo: RFD’s new range of ultra-compact inflatable Cyclone PFDs.


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