NEW PRODUCTS - Beneteau's Dock & Go joystick steering

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Manoeuvring a Beneteau yacht in harbour becomes child’s play

NEW PRODUCTS - Beneteau's Dock & Go joystick steering
NEW PRODUCTS — Beneteau’s Dock & Go joystick steering

Following in the wake of sister company Jeanneau, French boatbuilder Beneteau has announced its own joystick-steering version for sailboats.

Late last year Jeanneau announced 360 Docking, where a bowthruster works in tandem with a pivoting saildrive, and it being a part of the Beneteau Group it was only a matter of time before Beneteau yachts followed suit.

The Beneteau Dock & Go system, mimics 360 Docking, and takes the stress of manoeuvring in harbour, giving yachties access to the most complicated berths.

So easy is Dock & Go, Beneteau spouts, "A child would be able to bring an Oceanis 50 alongside her berth, in complete confidence."

Detailing the system, Beneteau says that by uniting safety and thrust, Dock & Go combines the assistance of the engine and bowthruster, giving the same thrust both astern and ahead. Compatible with feathering or folding propellers, Dock & Go optimises a yacht’s thrust for all-round manoeuvrability.

Dock & Go will be offered on models fitted with 75hp Yanmar saildrive engines, such as the Sense (50ft), Oceanis 46 and Oceanis 50 models.


How does it work?

1. A controller synchronises a pivoting saildrive base (180°) and a bowthruster.

2. Manoeuvres are carried out with the aid of a cross-shaped joystick at the helm position: moving 90° to port or starboard, forward, astern and turning on the spot.

3. Going astern is achieved by pivoting the saildrive with no loss of power.

4. The helm is automatically locked while the joystick is in use.

5. Saildrive rotation is achieved in half-a-second by an electric motor.


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