NEW PRODUCTS - WETTS wetter watermakers

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New range of entry-level watermakers from Tecnicomar

NEW PRODUCTS - WETTS wetter watermakers
NEW PRODUCTS — WETTS wetter watermakers

We’re a thirsty crew at Trade-a-Boat and at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show we spied a new range of entry-level watermakers distributed through Gold Coast company WETTS.

The new Basic Essential series from European company Tecnicomar are a four-model range of entry-level desalinators producing either 80 or 160lt/h of high-quality freshwater.

They’re available in a modular configuration for boats that are lacking space or can be partially mounted in a compact frame offering an easier installation.

The Basic Essentials offer critical safety features such as low feed pressure protection and a high-pressure safety cut out. These safety features protect the system from what could be expensive damage, said WETTS.

Freshwater production is monitored by a flow meter on the control panel and there’s an automatic freshwater flushing system, with carbon block filter, for removal of chlorine available as an optional accessory.

WETSS said Tecnicomar is Europe’s oldest desalinator manufacturer and pricing for the new range starts at an RRP of $6650 (inc. GST).

"We found that there was a need for a budget-priced desalinator in the Australian market," says Peter Byrne from WETSS. "Tecnicomar were quick to respond to our request and have exceeded our expectations with their new Basic Essential range".

For more information, phone (07) 5540 6800, fax (07) 5546 7044 or visit

Tecnicomar Basic Essential 500 & 100
* Control box with thermal overload
* Double pre-filtration with 30 and 5 micron cartridges
* Feed pump
* Installation kit
* Carbon fibre pressure vessel(s)


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