NEW PRODUCTS - Garmin deep-water GSD sonars

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Garmin targets sportsfishermen with new Black-Box Solutions and Spread Spectrum Technology

NEW PRODUCTS - Garmin deep-water GSD sonars
NEW PRODUCTS — Garmin deep-water GSD sonars

Marine electronics company Garmin has begun shipping two new black-box digital sonar solutions — the GSD 24 and GSD 26, which have been redesigned to provide "dramatically improved" target separation and bottom tracking for the recreational fisho.

Garmin said the GSD 26 takes digital sonar offerings even further by adding Spread Spectrum technology and the ability to manually adjust transmission frequencies, making it ideal for serious deep-water sportsfishing.

"We’ve listened carefully to the demanding needs of our sportsfishing customers, and we’re confident that the new GSD 24 and 26 will meet and exceed their expectations," says Garmin Australasia’s Ian Edwards.
"The redesign of our traditional sonar and new Spread Spectrum technology answers the growing needs of the sportsfishing market."

Garmin said with Spread Spectrum, the GSD 26 is able to offer the sportsfisher the best of both worlds, by not only giving better target separation and resolution at extraordinary depths, but also allowing the fisherman to dial into specific frequencies to target certain species of sportsfish.

This is said to offer significantly better target definition, bottom contours and signal noise suppression at greater depths than traditional models, and gives the user faster screen updates and a more timely interpretation of what’s below for safer navigation and better fishing.

Instead of using a single frequency like traditional sonar, the GSD 26 uses Spread Spectrum technology to sweep each pulse through a range of frequencies to deliver shallow-water-like target separation at extremely deep depths.

The GSD 26 is also capable of the most popular discreet pulsed frequencies, and fishermen can manually adjust frequencies on the unit — from 25kHz to 210kHz — making it easy to fine-tune the targeting of trophy-sized fish.

Compatible with Airmar’s newest line of broadband transducers, the GSD 26 offers selectable transmit power from 300 to 3000 Watts and can scan as deep as 10,000ft.
In addition, the GSD 26’s dual-transceivers allow for simultaneous and independent dual transducer operation, which allows complete customisation for the serious sportsfisherman.

The entire sonar architecture of the GSD 24 has been redesigned to offer dramatically improved target separation and bottom tracking. A dual-frequency (50/200kHz) system, the GSD 24’s transmit power is selectable — from 600W, 1kW, 2kW — with a wide choice of compatible 8-pin transducers.

"The powerful GSD 24 can scan as deep as 5000ft, so whether it’s the big catch or potentially hazardous terrain or reef structures beneath your boat, you’ll see the imagery with exceptional clarity," said Garmin.

The GSD 24 also includes a field-installable connector kit so that existing Garmin GSD 22 customers who want to upgrade to the GSD 24 can do so using existing 6-pin transducer installations.

Each new Garmin sounder is compatible with the Garmin Marine Network for display on the latest Garmin GPSMAP 4000/5000 and 6000/7000 series chartplotters.

The RRP for the GSD 24 is $849 and $2499 for the GSD 26.
Both models are shipping now.

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