NEW PRODUCTS - Theft Deterrent System for boats

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Mercury Marine's auto-inspired device to slow thieves down

NEW PRODUCTS - Theft Deterrent System for boats
NEW PRODUCTS - Theft Deterrent System for boats

Mercury Marine has released an anti-theft device for boats
to thwart thieves attempting to escape with your beloved craft.

Inspired by automotive security systems, the Theft Deterrent System (TDS) uses an easily-installed docking station and two fob keys. One key is permanently set into the station to restrict your boat’s power range until you deactivate it by inserting the second key.

A constant red blinking light serves as an equally important security measure, deterring would-be thieves by indicating there’s a security system on board.

Your vessel can always be moved in the event of an emergency for further peace of mind.

Mercury’s new Theft Deterrent System is now available for SmartCraft-enabled 40, 50, 60 and new 150 HP EFI FourStroke outboards.


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