New products: Waeco CFX range portable fridges

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Waeco releases five new fridges

New products: Waeco CFX range portable fridges
New products: Waeco CFX range portable fridges

Waeco says it has listened to its customers and taken stock of the local leisure market in designing its new CFX range, creating a fridge / freezer specifically intended to thrive in the often harsh Australian environment.

Consisting of five models, the CFX range is designed to provide extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency. All models are said to feature generous internal capacities, plus substantial insulation thickness for the lid, sides and bottom, and all are equipped with features such as strong latches, hinges and drop-down handles.

The range includes four single-zone models, with one compartment that can be used as either a fridge or a freezer, and one dual-zone unit with a 42lt fridge and 19lt freezer.

And for those who like to take their fridge with them when they escape civilisation and are away from power, a wide range of accessories, including a battery pack, wireless display and insulating protective covers, is also available.

Visit for more information on the CFX range.


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