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The Purpleline Seago means navigating your boat trailer into a cluttered garage might soon be a thing of the past.


How many times have you returned home after a day on the water and wished your boat / trailer setup would just park itself? Or maybe you’ve got a brutal block of land with a dogleg driveway that sends you into a panic every time you even think about reversing your rig up it?

Purpleline, an Aussie company with a growing reputation for providing innovative solutions to the RV and outdoors market, has taken up the reversing challenge and released the Seago, a removable drive system that allows you to park your trailer by remote control.

When rumours of the Seago first filtered to TrailerBoat HQ I experienced one of those ITGTBT — It’s Too Good To Be True — moments. But after several chats with Purpleline I laid my hands on a pair of drive units and things started to make sense.

Essentially, two high-torque motors drive ribbed cylinders that contact the trailers tyres — one on each side. As each motor spins a wheel in response to input via the simple handheld remote, the trailer is driven forwards, backwards or can even be coaxed to pirouette on the spot. Installation of the removable drive units also seems rather simple with a locking pin holding each one in place before connecting it to a 12V source.

I definitely want one of these, if for no other reason than to impress my nosey neighbours every time I return home. And I quite fancy the idea of parking my trailer in a simulated mechanical ballet from the comfort of a fold-up lawn chair.

So I am on a mission. I’ve worded up the factory and am constantly checking my office pigeonhole for the appearance of a Seago. We’ve got our boat and trailer primed and will bring you the results in an upcoming issue.

In the meantime, visit Purple Line to check out how it works on a jetski trailer.


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