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Lone Star anchor winches are for boaters who need the benefits of a functional marine anchoring system, but can’t justify the extravagant investment.


Offering five models, G3 400D, G3 600D, G3 1000D, G3 1400D and gargantuan G3 2000D, there is a model in the range to suit compact runabouts to 20m-plus commercial vessels. In the interest of substantial and sustained torture, Malki volunteered a G3 1400D as a hood ornament for our Haines V-19R project boat. We were happy to oblige and would have subjected it to obscene amounts of abuse by the time this issue hits the stands.

With an impressive construction and marine grade stainless components gleaming for all the world to see, our 1400 watt model will swallow 120m of 10mm rope & 10m of 8mm short link chain. This should be more than enough for most inshore applications. Should we choose to anchor over the Marianas Trench, the 10mm rope can be upgraded to 6mm braid. I’m thinking of whacking a big Octo-jig on it and deep dropping for blue eye.

We’ve matched this setup with the aforementioned goodies and will report back with our findings over the coming issues. In the meantime, if this teaser has you reeled in, Malki and the Lone Star team can be contacted on PH: 03 87744582 or www.lonestarmarine.com.au

Originally published in TrailerBoat #299, September/October 2013.

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