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We check out a hot Simrad NSO Series electronics setup in anticipation of the 2014 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Simrad NSO Series electronics are said to be like the "mothership" of the Simrad range of marine electronics.

The Trade-a-Boat crew head to Manly on Moreton Bay, Qld, to check out a hot setup aboard a gorgeous old timber Wright yacht.

The helm is equipped with twin 19in widescreen displays, running off an NSO processor.

The massive screens are touch-controlled, but can also be controlled from a dash controller — or even your iPad or Android device. This gives the skipper a third screen while walking throughout the boat. Only the autopilot function is not remotely controllable from one of these devices — a wise decision, given that you don’t want your iPad to go flat while the boat is under autopilot control!

NSO Series electronics will perform numerous functions for a range of vessels. It controls broadband sounder modules; broadband radar; a new sonar hub; new CHIRP features; SideScan and StructureScan features; and much more. A forward-looking sonar is also planned for release in the near future.

Aboard our test vessel was a Simrad 4G radar setup. This allowed for two separate radar ranges to run simultaneously. One combination included a chart with radar overlay on one screen, and a completely separate display on the other.

See Simrad electronics at the 2014 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.


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