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GME was heavily promoting its range of GPS EPIRBs at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. The company has been manufacturing EPIRBs in Australia for more than 35 years, with design and manufacture taking  place in its new manufacturing facility in Sydney.



GME’s newest GPS EPIRB model is the GME MT600G. The first production run of this model was in fat taking place while we recorded this video at SCIBS.

The MT600G’s GPS system uses a 66-channel receiver. It also offers an enhanced test capability, allowing the user to not only test the circuit, but also allow the unit to acquire a satellite position during the test.

GME does offer the GME MT400 EPIRB, although this unit is not a GPS-equipped model. GME says a GPS model automatically acquires the GPS position and transmits this to the rescue service. With GPS EPIRBs, the rescue area is much smaller — an area with a radius of less than 100m according to GME — whereas non-GPS models need to wait for satellite passes to triangulate the position. The search area for rescue services then extends to an area of around 5km. For this reason GME heavily emphasises GPS EPIRBS as the best option for safety.


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