New marine electronics: Garmin all-in-one GT21/40/41 transducers

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Garmin all-in-one GT21/40/41 series boat transducers dispense with need for multiple transducers.

New marine electronics: Garmin all-in-one GT21/40/41 transducers
Garmin's new all-in-one transducers remove the need for multiple transducers on the one boat.

The all-in-one transducer units eliminate the need for multiple transducers, designed to function with Garmin DownVü and SideVü sonar, plus traditional/CHIRP sonar (depending on the model).

The new Garmin GT21/40/41 transducer series are further available as in-hull or transom-mount options.

The Garmin GT21 series provides DownVü sonar using what Garmin says is an industry-first 260/455kHz frequency. The GT21 series also offers "traditional" HD sonar at 50/200kHz, said to be ideal for rough conditions and greater depths.

For shallower depths, the transom-mounted Garmin GT40 can offer display bith DownVü and SideVü sonar at 455/800kHz, while also delivering traditional HD sonar at 77/200kHz.

The Garmin GT41 is suited to saltwater fishing, using 260/455kHz for DownVü/SideVü and traditional HD sonar at 50/200kHz.

New Garmin GT50/51 transducers have been developed for the Garmin GPSMAP series and are available as both thru-hull and transom-mount versions.

For shallow water, the GT50 runs CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü at 455/800kHz and 300W traditional CHIRP at 80/160kHz.

For deeper water and potentially rougher conditions, the GT51 scans 260/455kHz for CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü, and 600W 80/160kHz for CHIRP sonar.


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