NEW PRODUCTS - Easytow Boat Trailers ET17 17in wheels

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Upgrade standard 15in alloy wheels with new factory-backed 17in model

NEW PRODUCTS - Easytow Boat Trailers ET17 17in wheels
NEW PRODUCTS — Easytow Boat Trailers ET17 17in wheels

Easytow boat trailers can now have their wheels upgraded with new ET17 17in alloy wheel options. The new wheel, which follows on from the ET15, the 17’s smaller brother released last year, is said to provide a whole new look to the trailer range.

ET17 17in alloy wheels run a more traditional offset, and are made to suit Easytow’s stringent requirements.

"A lot of aftermarket wheels can have issues with trailerhubs. In fact, a lot of people put aftermarket wheels on their trailers with incorrect load ratings, something that may lead to all sorts of problems on the road," said Andrew Brown, sales manager at Easytow Boat Trailers. "The E17 is a load-rated and factory-fitted wheel that is specifically designed to suit Easytow’s offset," he said.

Easytow ski/wake trailers come standard with the 15in alloy wheels. The ET17 has already proven to be extremely popular, so early orders are recommended.

ET17 wheels start from $919 (on new trailer builds — some conditions apply). Visit for dealers.


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