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Reel in the whole family for a variety of watery pursuits aboard this outperforming PowerCat, says KEVIN SMITH

PowerCat 2500 Sports Fisherman

Looking to downgrade from a battlewagon? Or how about upgrade to something far more comfortable than your bum- numbing tinnie? In a whole bunch of other scenarios, the new PowerCat 2500 Sport Fisherman deserves to be high on your hit list. Combining a touch of class with purrfect performance, this snappy cat will happily cruise offshore in conditions that would send many other boats and boaters scurrying for cover.

Take our test day from the mainland to Tangalooma on Moreton Island. We had to negotiate a minefield of shallow sand banks and a reverse current smashing into a 15-knot southeaster. But with twin 140hp Suzuki four-strokes, the 2500 kept up with PowerCat's new 3100 with twin 300s. In other words, this pocket-sized PowerCat is a real giant killer. The run took just 35 minutes - exceptionally fast considering the messy going - and nobody was hanging on for dear life. Rather, we were sitting back comfortably and enjoying the sweet ride.

The only thing that took time was winding up to top speed. You see, the outboards were set-up more for economy and top-end speed than out-of-the-hole acceleration. If you want more low-end torque, no problems, a simple prop change is the answer. Meanwhile, in tight turns at both low and high speeds, the 2500 Sports Fisherman banked slightly into the inner sponson and held firm. That's great because some cats tend to do the exact opposite and are quite hairy. Obviously, the 2.5m beam contributes to the 2500's stability and, even with three people stacked up against the gunwale, there was very little list.




The 2500 boasts a well-designed deck layout that will please any angler. A marlin will fit through the transom door before the extended boarding/dive platform, with recessed filter mounts on the sides a great touch instead of them being mounted in the usual obstructive areas.

Inside the cockpit, the false transom houses a sizeable plumbed livewell, deckwash/stowage area opposite, or both can be just livewells. The rear deck is the main fishing office and spacious. The fully padded gunwales are slightly higher than usual, but great for keeping the kids safely at bay and very comfortable to fish against without the need for toe kicks.

Other features built into the gunwales are the flush-panel sidepockets for gear, deck lighting and small moulded steps. Personally, I would prefer tubes here for the rods rather than sidepockets and the recessed steps could have done with some non-slip. The cockpit sole has two massive hatches for fish storage and there's ample room to fit a marlin chair or lunch table should you prefer.

With so much fishing space available one would presume that the helm is compromised. But not in this case. The twin back-to-back-style seats are comfortable, with their aft-facing rear seat doubling as an icebox and stowage, while the forward seats adjust for driving standing or sitting, with a neat padded armrest as icing on the cake.

The console is skilfully laid-out to suit a range of electronics, all within hand's reach. And the boat is a pleasure to drive with the electronically assisted controls. At rest or trolling, the dedicated tackle drawers in the centre of the console are easy to reach and well protected from the elements. A full hardtop with rocket launcher, wraparound windscreen and plenty of well-positioned grabrails complements helm setup.




The cabin could be the difference between getting the boss's approval or not. Instead of a usual pokey little cabin, the PowerCat 2500 Sports Fisherman has a huge one, with virtually a queen-size bed, hidden toilet, some extra stowage space and good ventilation. 

Innovative and sensible design has gone into the cabin without eating away at the rest of the boat's space. Put it all together and this cat is perfect for a weekend trip to the islands and places like, say, 1770. In fact, you're pretty much limited only by your imagination on the 2500 Sports Fisherman, a cat that's punching above its weight.




(Facts & figures)




The PowerCat 2500 Sports Fisherman's narrow twin-hull design, large air tunnel and 28° hull deadrise make this boat ride soft, dry and really comfortably. PowerCat cites a fuel-burn of 34lt/h with the twin 140hp outboards revving at 2500 for a 25.4kts cruise speed.

These Suzuki engines, the electronically-assisted steering and controls, and superb electronics package, make this boat an absolute dream to drive. Such is the user-friendliness that just about anyone will be able to take the wheel, tame the ocean and those things with fins that swim below.




Twin 140hp Suzuki four-stroke outboards

RPM           SPEED
1600          4.6kts
2500          7.3kts
3000        10.3kts
4000        22kts
5000        30.3kts
5800        35.3kts

*Official sea-trial figures supplied by PowerCat Marine








TYPE: Power catamaran
LENGTH:  7.5m
BEAM: 2.5m
DRAFT: 0.51m
WEIGHT: Approx 3180kg (hull and trailer)




FUEL: 400lt
WATER: 60lt
REC. HP: 2 x 115 to 175




MAKE/MODEL: 2 x Suzuki DF140
TYPE: Four-stroke petrol outboard
RATED HP: 140 (each)
WEIGHT: 186kg (long shaft); 191kg (extra long shaft)




Powercat Marine,
Unit 2 / 28 Cessna Drive,
Caboolture, QLD, 4510
Phone: (07) 5428 0043; 0411 477 795
Fax: (07) 5428 1444




The PowerCat 2500 Sports Fisherman is a sizeable boat, but the elegant, chic looks conceal its bulk. At the same time, the cat fulfils its charter as a fantastic multipurpose craft for fishing, diving, cruising and general outdoor entertainment. And you're getting an impeccably finished boat - the ergonomic design and build quality are definite highs of this outperforming cat-package.

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