TENDER TEST - Brig Eagle 650H

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TAB_431_2V2R1754.jpg TAB_431_2V2R1754.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A0376.jpg TAB_431_3J3A0376.jpg
TAB_431_2V2R2010.jpg TAB_431_2V2R2010.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A0259.jpg TAB_431_3J3A0259.jpg
TAB_431_2V2R1878.jpg TAB_431_2V2R1878.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A1081.jpg TAB_431_3J3A1081.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A1064.jpg TAB_431_3J3A1064.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A0435.jpg TAB_431_3J3A0435.jpg
TAB_431_3J3A0305.jpg TAB_431_3J3A0305.jpg
TAB_431_2V2R1832.jpg TAB_431_2V2R1832.jpg

Brig is the largest RIB manufacturer in Europe and its latest offering has reinvented the inflatable workhorse into a ripper fun machine, reports JOHN FORD

TENDER TEST - Brig Eagle 650H
TENDER TEST — Brig Eagle 650H


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