New Maritimo M65 first look [video + gallery]

Photography by: Ellen Dewar, Video by: Ellen Dewar

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In this video Trade-a-Boat has a first look at the luxurious new Maritimo M65.



The new Maritimo M65 luxury yacht is much like all Maritimo boats. That is, it’s a "driver’s boat" and our review model here was no exception.

Power comes from twin CAT C18 1150hp engines that happily do around 30kts. The setup has Twin Disc thrusters to keep her in place. The result is a Maritimo that’s easy to drive and manoeuvre.

In line with the "driver’s boat" feel, the layout is intended to give the driver (who is usually the owner) an excellent view and unobstructed access to the rest of the boat. The flybridge has seating for up to 8, plus an adjacent and very nice outdoor entertaining area. In short, the Maritimo M65 takes social cruising to a whole new level.



The excellent layout of the aft galley is a key feature on all Maritimo boats. Again, on the Maritimo M65 it’s brilliantly set up for entertaining. You can get into the aft galley directly from stairs and then head straight out to the entertaining cockpit, or alternatively head out to the spacious lounge. Along with the aft galley and driver’s quality, the large walkaround is yet another key feature in Maritimo boats. On the M65 this makes access and berthing both easy and safe.



Accommodation on the Maritimo M65 includes the master suite, a pair of double guest rooms and a single twin. There are also twin ensuite bathrooms.

Interesting fact: the master suite on the M65 is just 100mm narrower than on the Maritimo M73. Somehow, Maritimo has managed to include a desk, couch and king size bed into this comfortable layout. However, it doesn’t end there. The master suite also has a full-beam bathroom — with a twin-head shower.

Maritimo M65 at night Launch party lights do nothing to hide the sleek lines of the Maritimo M65. Maritimo M65 at night
Maritimo M65 master bedroom The Maritimo M65 features a full-beam master that’s only 100mm narrower than the Maritimo M73. It comes complete with desk and sofa. Maritimo M65 master bedroom
Maritimo M65 driver controls Maritimo yachts are made for drivers. The M65 is no exception. Maritimo M65 driver controls
Maritimo M65 internal stairs Internal stairs are a product pillar in all Maritimo yachts. Maritimo M65 internal stairs
Twin Disc setuo on Maritimo M65 Docking’s a breeze with Twin Disc stations found in all key areas of the Maritimo M65. Twin Disc setuo on Maritimo M65
Maritimo M65 enclosed flybridge The enclosed flybridge is focused on the driver. Space and layout for guests is excellent. Maritimo M65 enclosed flybridge
Maritimo M65 twin CAT C18 engines Twin CAT C18 engines push the Maritimo M65 up to around 30kts. Maritimo M65 twin CAT C18 engines
Maritimo M65 rear cockpit The rear cockpit provides enough space for more outdoor lounging with easy flow through to the main galley. Maritimo M65 rear cockpit


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