REVIEW: Stessco Bass Tracker 389

By: Kevin Simth, Photography by: Kevin Smith

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Stessco Bass Tracker 389 1 Stessco Bass Tracker 389 1
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Stessco Bass Tracker 389 Stessco Bass Tracker 389
Yamaha F25 Stessco 389 1 Yamaha F25 Stessco 389 1

Stessco see the great Aussie Tinny as part of who we are, a defining part of life at the coast, dams or estuaries that make up Australia. Their latest offering, the Bass Tracker 389 combines affordability with a good list of standard features find Kevin Smith


STESSCO BASS TRACKER 389 Priced from: $ 10,525 

Starting with the ‘baby’ of the fleet, Stessco’s Bass Tracker 389 is most certainly a step-up from a standard simple tinny and takes it to the next level with the addition of spacious carpeted deck, front cast-deck with storage hatch, a touch of colour added with the wrap, Hummingbird Pirhanamax-4 sounder and the latest Yamaha F25 four-stroke outboard that provides above average performance for a boat of this size.

Stessco Bass Tracker 389 4


Launching and retrieving the 389 is quick and easy single handed. On the water, I must say that the stability at rest and underway is pretty impressive considering it’s just under four metres in length and with a beam of 1.71m – it’s not bad up on the cast-deck either when flicking a lure.

As for performance, budget tinny’s are generally fitted up with six-15hp two-stroke motors - in this case the horsepower was bumped up with the new Yamaha F25C four-stroke being fitted, and most certainly packs quite a punch with good low-down torque and a decent top end of 23.97 knots, or 44.4kmph. It’s easy to drive and a whack of fun!

Read the Yamaha F25C test: TEST: Yahama 2017 F25C Four-Stroke

Being a four-stroke, the noise factor is also significantly reduced in comparison to the two-stokes. With a displacement of 430cc along with the Yamaha F25C being a four-valve SOHC in-line two-cylinder, these motors literally run on the smell of a rag when it comes to fuel consumption – with an average of 4.2 l/hr being sipped at 4000RPM / 14.71 knots.

Lightened to as low as 57kg’s the F25 is lightweight in comparison to earlier versions of four-strokes and what I do like are the standard features and options available in the new F25’s including;

-          Variable trolling switch
-          Compatible with Yamahas Command Link gauges
-          Can be connected to 3rd party multi-function displays / GPS / Fish-finders
-          Manual or electric start option
-          Tiller or mechanical steer option
-          Manual or power trim and tilt option

Stessco Bass Tracker 389 3


A nicely finished tinny that’s sturdy in the build, is an easy tow, is simple and quick to handle alone, rides and performs exceptionally well for its size, looks the part, can comfortably be stored in a household garage - and is competitively priced.

Adding a simple bimini and cushions to the thwart seats would be ideal for the family days on the water and for the more serious fisherman, an upgraded sounder, electric motor and a few comfy seats fitted to the thwarts would be ideal.



Priced from:    $ 10,525 (BMT)

Options fitted: Yamaha F25LMHC four-stroke outboard, front casting platform, Stessco wrap, Hummingbird Pirhanamax-4.

Price as tested: $11,514        


Type:               Open boat

Material:         Aluminium

Length:            3970mm

Beam:              1715mm

Weight:           255kg as tested

Deadrise:         8°


People:            4

Rec. HP:           20

Max. HP:         30

Fuel:                Tote tank


Make/model:  Yamaha F25LMHC

Type:               SOHC, In-Line two-cylinder

Weight:           57kg

Displacement: 432cc

Gear ratio:      2.08:1

Propeller:        G Series Alloy (69W-45952-00) 10⅝ x 12


Merlin Marine and Leisure

For all pricing, availability and information on the Stessco product range please contact your authorised Stessco Dealer as Stessco do not offer factory direct sales.

See for dealer information



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