By: TIM VAN DUYL, Photography by: ELLEN DEWAR

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Integrity 530 Grand Sedan 1 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan 1
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan 3 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan 3
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Running 1 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Running 1
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Running Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Running
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Integrity 530 Grand Sedan
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Foredeck Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Foredeck
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Helm Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Helm
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 2 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 2
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 5 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 5
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Salon Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Salon
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Master Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Master
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Upper Salon Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Upper Salon
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan VIP Integrity 530 Grand Sedan VIP
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Bunk Room Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Bunk Room
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 3 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 3
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 4 Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 4
Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Stairwell Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Stairwell

Integrity has built its brand on a simple formula: respect, service and quality in a range that celebrates the slow life. This, the 530 Grand Sedan, is the largest to date and challenges one of those tenets


Integrity 530 Grand Sedan - A Grand Success 

It certainly isn’t respect or service that have changed; photographer Ellen Dewar and I are met at Runaway Bay by Integrity founder Brett Flanagan’s brother, Colin, in a 490 Sedan. As affable as Brett, Colin whisked us off to meet the 530 Grand Sedan in the Gold Coast’s emerald waters.

The 530 Grand Sedan was conceived as Brett’s personal Integrity, exactly how he would have it. Not that he doubts his own boats, rather it’s the difference between building for a customer and being the customer. You only have to read the eight reviews we have done from the 320 Express (Trade-a-Boat # 460) up to appreciate Integrity’s customer focus, and the 530 shares that focus as well as the traditional trawler style and quality construction.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan 2

Approaching the 530 from astern, I caught a glimpse of the single-level cockpit and galley-cum-saloon to the semi-fly helm and through the wide windscreen. And instantly I saw the appeal – the layout offers the driver a raised helm position with more headroom under the decks without losing the social flow to the entertainment zone.

Colin and Brett – seemingly telepathically – pulled the sterns together for our transfer and our first look at the 530 on the water.

A fixed swim platform sits nicely above the waterline; no steps to the water were obvious though they’re doubtless an option. Heavy-gauge stainless rails aid security; handy when enjoying the transom-mounted BBQ and refrigeration. A single walkway off-centre to starboard leads to a cockpit encapsulated by a full-length roof and a set of privacy curtains. They combine to create an area well protected from the sun but still open to a cool sea breeze. I could picture myself here, dozing the days away quite comfortably. Access to the saloon is through glass doors that rise on gas struts to sit flush with the roof, completely opening it to the cockpit and allowing plenty of light in.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 6

The rear-positioned galley is perfectly placed for entertaining out to the teak-adorned cockpit. The galley has room for separate components; the owners chose a combination microwave/convection oven. Considering the boat’s northern home, this affords more cupboard and cool-store space, while the BBQ will bear the cooking burden. The galley also has toe holds under the main benches – too often they’re overlooked in favour of maximising storage.

The galley is framed by an l-shaped lounge long enough to double as a day bed. A high-low table, finished exquisitely, will seat six comfortably, eight at a pinch. Storage abounds throughout the saloon, with options under the lounge, overhead and throughout the galley where consideration has also been given to wine and linen.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal 5

For the show and the lucky owners, 3 Beaches planned the décor and touches such as full latex mattresses added a depth to the sensuality, literally and visually. The use of colour and texture in soft furnishings worked with the soft appeal of the Integrity. Mostly made using Sunbrella, it will last too.

Heading to the helm, I lifted the step between saloon and bridge to discover the main switch gear reinforcing the traditional mentality of the build with large, bright rotary knobs for main-power systems.

The space around the helm is laid out as an informal lounge, with a TV monitor hidden behind more cool stores and drawers for knick-knacks. Another l-lounge sits at a trapezoid table with room for four. The space is light and airy thanks to deep windows that follow the floor line and rise above those found at the stern. Twin weaver hatches in the roof promote airflow while twin sliding side doors can be pinned back for more ventilation. Conversely, with all doors sealed the 530 is peaceful, testament to the thick superstructure and interior panelling.

At the helm the driver and co-pilot have commanding views of the water ahead thanks to the semi-fly arrangement and a leather-clad dash housing twin Raymarine 16in monitors. The Raymarines offer plotting plus inputs from cameras in the engine room and above the stern. The helm layout is simple, revolving around a leather-clad wheel with key switchgear well positioned. 


Heading downstairs I found a design detail that surprised and impressed – Integrity has installed a curved stairwell. I applaud the preference for ease-of-use and aesthetics over the common focus on space optimisation. The well delivers you to the central hallway comfortably and, with the use of a single handrail from the helm to the exit of the stairs, safely no matter the conditions.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Stairwell

On arrival, to port is the master suite, complete with full-beam en suite, rare in a boat this size. Also port is a guest cabin while to starboard is a bathroom with full-height shower. In this boat the guest room features a pair of bunks but it can be configured as an office or storage. As a budding writer and passionate mariner, I could see myself endlessly staring out the port windows, laptop at hand – warm and secure with an inspirational outlook.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan VIP

The VIP cabin at the bow features a full-size double bed with underside storage. A theme throughout is full-gloss Burmese teak with six layers of varnish. While many might chose semi-gloss or matt finishes to hide ‘imperfections’ I loved the full gloss as teak is a wood full of detail and interest and the gloss makes the most of its natural beauty, inclusions and all.

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan Internal

The master and VIP have full-length robes and, particularly in the master, storage for personal items is plentiful. Underfoot, teak with a holly inlay could be slippery but this is easily overcome with carpet runners. The master features a small desk to port that has been adapted here for the owner to bring a complete sewing suite on board. Additional power outlets have been added, while the storage area has been configured to suit the equipment – there’s Integrity’s customer-centric approach.



Heading out the aforementioned side doors, a strong positive is the deeply moulded non-slip tread in the walkways. Unlike some, the pattern is deep and offers grip both to bare feet and boat shoes. The walkways are wide enough to walk front-on, with well-placed grab rails. The roof overhang does project into your natural path to the bow, which could be annoying but it works as something to grab when heading back inside. The stainless work is neat though the gauge feels a bit light. A minor gripe and easily altered but thicker-gauge stainless steel bow rails would add to the aesthetic balance. I’d also add sun pads at the bow – being a Melbournite I need every ray – and though not on the order form, Brett says they’re an option. At the bow proper, a Maxwell winch controls the anchor while twin lockers either side store rode and fenders.



Well aware of the long service intervals and reputation for economy, I quizzed Brett on the choice of Scania power and his words reflected my understanding of the big straight-six. Not interested in powerplant details? Skip ahead, but what spins the props tickles my fancy so here come the particulars. This 530 was optioned up to Scania’s DI13 077M, a 700hp, 12.7-litre, inline six with wet cylinder liners and individual cylinder heads. These two details help reduce maintenance costs as individual heads can be removed for inspection and the engine can stay mostly complete and in the boat, for major servicing. Add the 500-hour minor servicing intervals and the low cost of parts, and the reasons to go Scania are clear.

The quietness in operation reinforced it, as did the un-Integrity-like performance. I mentioned this Integrity breaks one of the brand’s main themes, and that’s the slow life. With just 200 litres of fuel, no water and only four aboard, I was amazed by an indicated 18kt at wide-open throttle; Brett tells me it nudged 20kt with a lighter load and a helpful tide. Scania’s official performance figures from commissioning show a lower top speed, likely down to the load. I wouldn’t describe the performance as zippy but for the style and brand it was a real surprise.

The Scania features a front power take-off (PTO) that drives the anchoring hydraulics and the thrusters, negating the need for separate systems. Importantly, it’s also more power than any electric winch I know of. Drive is sent through a ZF gearbox to a five-blade propeller carving a path through the water.

Accompanying the Scania in the engine room is an Onan 11kW genset that Brett reports is "more than capable of running all ship systems", as well as an upgraded water tank holding up to 1500 litres.



We weren’t able to fully assess the 530’s blue-water credentials as a busy schedule kept us within the Gold Coast Broadwater but we did drop the bow over some tall swell set off by larger boats and I can report the 530 didn’t creak, squeak or groan bow or side-on to two-metre wakes. Taking her up to a relatively fast cruise, the hull felt most at ease around 1800rpm – around 12kt and 65L/h. The Scania features a load gauge; it showed about 60 per cent at this pace. Playing with the revs and the factory trim tabs, my gut feel was about right as a little up or down on the throttle added a little engine load for a negligible gain in speed and none in efficiency.

Leaving 10 per cent fuel in reserve, the package has a range beyond 1500nm at its most efficient cruise of 6.5kt. Drain the full 2000L of fuel and you’d wring out almost 1700nm – a trans-Tasman sojourn would be at the limits of the standard capacity, though dependent on everything going your way. But all major ports on the eastern seaboard are well within reach; the 500 miles from Sydney to Brisbane would take a few days at a comfortable 8kt and you’d arrive in port with a quarter of a tank remaining. The idyllic coast north of Sydney is a journey worth taking and the 530 is ideally suited to making it.



At this price point customers have plenty of options but higher-volume brands lose the authenticity and personal touch Integrity offers, while more bespoke options don’t have the IP and construction partner efficiencies Brett’s team bring to the table. The 530 Grand Sedan’s appeal lies in its ability to explore the coast and be part of the family. If you’re considering the medium-pace life at sea, the Integrity 530 Grand Sedan will do you no wrong.



  • Brand-changing performance of the Scania
  • Genuine company spokespeople


  • Thin bow rails


Sea Trials

Integrity 530 Grand Sedan with Scania DI13 077M and five-blade propeller, 200L and four people aboard.



Speed (kt)

Fuel Burn (L/h)

Economy (nm/L)

Range (nm)



















































*Sea-trial data supplied by the manufacturer. Speeds and loads are the average of two runs, with and against tide. Range is calculated leaving 10 per cent fuel in reserve.




PRICED FROM A$1,350,000


A/C system, engine upgrade, Corian counter tops, trim tabs, Raymarine suite, entertainment system, Naiad stabilisers, more





TYPE Semi-displacement cruiser monohull

LENGTH 14.5m

BEAM 4.3m

WEIGHT 12,000kg



People 6 (night)

Fuel 2000L

Water 950L



MAKE/MODEL Scania DI13 077M

TYPE Diesel



WEIGHT 1285kg


PROPELLER Five-blade bronze



Integrity Motor Yachts

Quay St. F Pier, Sanctuary Cove, Qld 4212

Ph: +61 (0) 414 997 654





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