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The new offering from Quintrex offers acres of space, but it’s the E-TEC bolted on the back that had Kevin Smith really excited.

Quintrex -570-Fishabout -4


  • G2 E-TEC all-round performance
  • Exceptionally economical and cheap to run
  • Massive cockpit and open deck
  • Hull ride and performance
  • Alloy trailer included in packages


  • Moulded dash is relatively small
  • Built-in killtank or storage would be good as standard
  • XD100 oil price for E-TEC

REVIEW: QUINTREX 570 FISHABOUT priced from A$46,000

Quintrex -570-Fishabout -5

If open, uncluttered deck space and high performance from a manageable sized aluminium boat is what you are chasing, then the new Quintrex 570 Fishabout is well worth a look.

The ol’ theory of ‘less is more’ certainly applies to the new Quintrex 570 Fishabout, and that’s no bad thing.

This 5.65m open runabout /bay boat/family boat offers more open deck space than some of the 7-8m boats around, courtesy of a further-forward-than-expected helm station and dash setup.

This leaves ample room to load big Eskys, fishing gear, dive gear, skis and tubes, and even enough room to lay out two swags for an overnighter or two.


Quintrex -570-Fishabout -1

At a glance, this test 570 Fishabout is not one of those boats loaded to the max with accessories and bling, but it’s still a cool and impressive little rig.

And like any boat, there are always numerous options available to trick them up.

So, what’s included? Taking a closer look at the layout, the forward helm station and dash will catch the eye, as it is much further toward the bow than normal.

It has a dual-moulded dash setup, with the helm having an angled gauge panel – in this case, fitted with the latest Evinrude Icon Touch 4.3 CTS digital gauge, as well as enough space for a 9in bracket-mounted sounder/GPS without impeding vision through the screen.

Instead of maximising dash space on this forward console of the 570 Fishabout, Quintrex have added a small walkthrough section, with split centre screen to the anchorwell – making life easier when dropping and pulling the hook.

The carpeted deck area back to the stern comprises of even more space, simply acres of it.

Full-length side pockets take care of gear storage and are also long enough to fit rod racks.

The stern has a full-length rear bench that can be folded back when fishing, or alternatively can be taken out and moved to midships as a forward-facing or rear-facing bench seat.

As mentioned earlier, there are few bells, whistles or pricey accessories included in the standard 570 Fishabout package, and I quite like that – it’s the kind of boat that can be left as is, or tricked up over time when finances allow.

Add a few extra rodholders, use your Eskys from home as extra seating and fish boxes, fit a baitboard one day – whatever appeals to you.

It’s also priced accordingly, starting at $46K with a 115hp E-TEC and alloy trailer, and the test boat sitting at $52,650 with alloy trailer and the latest 150hp high-output G2 Evinrude E-TEC.

This latter setup sure gives the 570 Fishabout some serious X-factor when it comes to stylish looks and performance.


Quintrex -570-Fishabout -6

Having previously put the new G2s through their paces, there was no doubt in my mind that this would play out any differently on the 570 Fishabout.

However, my initial concern was: what the ride would be like with the helm/console being so far forward?

Having two adults right up in the bow, would you feel every bit of chop and swell, and with the weight further forward would it be a wet boat?

Well surprisingly, it was neither – the 240kg of E-TEC G2 nuclear power on the transom balanced the weight perfectly and when combined with Quintrex’s blade hull design, this missile is awesome fun to drive, carves up chop like a knife through butter, and is a pretty comfortable, dry and a stable ride in a grumpy, messy day offshore.


Quintrex -570-Fishabout -8

When it comes to motors and performance, the new Evinrude E-TEC G2s certainly produce the goods in all areas, especially the 150hp HO unit fitted to the 570 Fishabout.

The new G2s can be colour-coded to suit any hull, so they are aesthetically advanced too, they produce low three-star emissions equal to four-strokes, and pump out unrivalled and super economic performance to boot!

If I could compare the G2 experience to anything, it would be like climbing on a two-stroke motorbike, whacking the throttle and feeling the adrenalin rush from the powerband kick – just that, in this case, it’s on the water.

These E-TEC G2s are something else when it comes to power and being HO (high output), this particular G2 150hp has all the bells and whistles included.

Swinging six-cylinders through a V6 block this 2.7L two-stroke pumps out some healthy performance and great economy behind the Quintrex 570 Fishabout.

Wide Open Throttle busts out a top end of 43.1kt (80kmh), but combined with a mild economy of 46.8L/hr.

That’s insane and represents exceptional fuel use at WOT – many150hp four-strokes can use anything between 60-75L/hr at those revs, depending on boat size.

Tapping off to civilised non-hooning speeds, 4000rpm produces a speed of 27.5kt and economy of 25.7L/hr.

Now that’s economy which equals less than your speed in knots – bloody good going if you can get that out of an outboard.

For me the big X-factor is the torque out of the G2s, as there’s no common brand of outboard that can catch these weapons out of the hole.

Holeshot is dynamite on these things and quite exhilarating to say the least.

Dropping down to trolling speeds, again the insanely low fuel burn comes into play and allow for serious hours on the water without stressing over fuel costs.

A cruise of 3.5kt chews a mere 2 L/hr, while a fast troll at 7.5kt uses around 7L/hr.


Quintrex -570-Fishabout -3

The Dynamic Power steering system (iSteer) is another top feature of the 150HO G2.

It’s as smooth as they come, with three resistance settings and you can literally steer the boat with one finger at speed.

It’s also built into the base of the motor, reducing excessive cables and transom clutter, and looks really neat.

Coupled with digital throttle control, the acceleration and speed control is instantaneous and together it certainly feels more like driving a Mercedes-Benz on the water.

Another innovative feature to the high-output models is the auto trim, or E-TEC’s iTrim in this case.

Simply select iTrim on the Icon touch screen gauge and it automatically sets the trim to suit speed and efficiency – another feature that works exceptionally well for those inexperienced with trimming outboards, and equally as handy for those with experience.

Aside from having mind-blowing performance and economy figures another attractive feature of the new G2s is the long service intervals of 500 hours or five years.

Sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but that’s what it is.


Quintrex -570-Fishabout -2

To reiterate, when it comes to looks, performance, economy and innovative features, the Evinrude E-TEC 150HO G2 ticks all the boxes and even gets a signature.

This package boasts X, Y and Z-factor, with all the bling, bells and whistles you’ll ever need.

It’s what these motors are all about, and once you have driven a G2, it would be hard not to consider the offerings and benefits from these motors. 





Hydraulic steering upgrade, bimini and envelope, maxi bracket, two-tone paint, Evinrude 150 G2 HO, rego, safety gear, alloy 2000 ATM tandem 13in skid braked trailer




TYPE Aluminium Runabout

MATERIAL Aluminium
LENGTH 6.05m

BEAM 2.3m

WEIGHT 590kg (boat only)




REC. HP 90hp

MAX. HP 150hp




MAKE/MODEL Evinrude 150G2 HO, C150FLH

TYPE V6 66° E-TEC Direct Injection

WEIGHT 240kgs



PROPELLER Evinrude SSP Viper 20"




Caloundra Marine

8 Baldwin St, Caloundra, QLD, 4551

Phone (07) 5491 1944



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