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This enviable eco-cruiser will turn the world green, in more ways than one.



Greenline 45 Fly Hybrid Yacht Spotlight

When you’re bopping across the water at 30 knots, riding high at the helm of a 45-foot yacht, it’s easy to sink into the moment and feel as though all is well in the world. But being a modern, environmentally-conscious, worldly kind of person, you’ll likely snap out of your euphoria when considering just how much marine diesel emissions those beefed up engines are exhaling into the choked atmosphere. Never fear, kick back to a comfortable 6-knot cruising speed and let the smile return to your hypothetical face. Greenline’s hybrid engine technology flips over and you’re running on clean, solar-powered electric motors.

Greenline’s 45 Fly introduces new diesel options to satisfy speed demons with a penchant for flower power: the base shaft drive, capable of speeds up to 22.5 knots; as well as IPS 500 and IPS 600 setups, which will tickle the 30-knot mark on the upper end. Their H-Drive hybrid technology allows the use of electric propulsion at lower speeds, which is fuelled by batteries and solar panels. And thanks to the chic aesthetic styling of J&J Design (exterior) and Marco Casali (interior), caring for Mother Nature never looked so good.


Clean conscience cruising, however, is not the only thing this plucky new Greenline yacht has to offer. The company’s electrical expertise is evident in the creature comforts of the interior, hinted at by the presence of AC power-sockets as standard. The full-size fridge, microwave and induction stove feed from the boat’s solar-bolstered power grid, which means shore power cables will be left to gather dust.

There are more than enough lounges and seating areas inside and out, which range from the fully-exposed sunbathing facilities of the foredeck (with optional Bimini) to the cosy U-shaped salon lounge. Various cabin options allow a mid-ship master with full-beam windows and a king size bed, as well as a queen size guest cabin. These are both serviced by their own en suites and wardrobes; alternatively, both wardrobes can be sacrificed to facilitate an additional cabin with bunks.

The boat’s full beam flybridge is another impressive feature. It’s the largest in its class, offering both a spacious helm and lounge area – serviced by a wet bar – and triple the effective solar-panel surface area.


But perhaps the most enticing feature of the Fly 45 is the rear-end. The hydraulic swim platform features a large toy-storage area, which is fronted by a wet-bar-cum-barbecue.

Can you think of a more perfect scene than anchoring in a secluded cove on a balmy summer’s evening, firing up the swim platform barbie, slipping a coldie into one of the cup holders and and taking a dip while the day’s catch sizzles away in the background?

When it comes to boats that are light on emissions but heavy liveable functionality, nothing comes close to the new Greenline 45 Fly. If you’re looking to flex your environmental prowess, this boat will make your neighbour’s Prius look like a coal burning steam-train.


LENGTH (overall) 14.43m
BEAM 4.49m
DRAFT 1.15m
FUEL 1,500L
ENGINE 2x Hybrid 220, 300 or 370 shaft drive, or IPS 500 or 600.

Available from:

P (02) 9979 2443


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