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A true go-anywhere vehicle, just don’t forget the charger.



Sealegs Electric E4 Amphibious Vehicle Spotlight

The number-one name in amphibious boating has channelled the future to find inspiration for its latest design. Sealegs' Electric E4 utilises the newest and most advanced ocean to land technology, drawing on the knowledge garnered from 15 years of market-leading proprietary tech. Thanks to it's electric innards, the E4 is whisper quiet, adding to the vehicle's already impressive military and eco-tourism applications.

According to Sealegs founder Maurice Bryham, the Electric E4 is 33 per cent faster, 60 per cent quieter and 50 per cent more powerful than their previous amphibious systems.


Doing away with the Honda engines used on previous Sealegs models, the electric craft is powered on-land by an advanced lithium battery that runs a marinised brushless electric hub motor and high torque planetary gearbox. The battery is fully charged after 4-5 hours plugged into mains power, while a solar-charging option enables worry-free expeditions into even the most remote areas. A full battery will provide up to 1.5 hours of drive time on the dry with a max speed of 10kph – not quite as impressive as the craft's 40kts on-water capability, which can be attained from a range of off the shelf outboards.

When it comes to piloting the all-terrain transporter, Sealegs have made it as simple as can be. The bridge has been equipped with a 24-inch high-res touchscreen display as its main control panel, while the steering wheel features integrated push buttons to easily control the tunes and the all-important wheels up/wheels down actions. Traction control is provided by the manufacturer's revolutionary Amptracs system that gives the slippery-hulled vessel aggressive grip on unknown terrain.


From an aesthetic angle, the stealth black design lends the craft a covert military vibe, which is likely on account of the brand's strong tactical pedigree. But for eco-tourism operators and civilian owners alike, the E4 has been garnished with a series of lights that provide an air of TRON-like futurism to exploratory missions of the highest social order.

Helm and navigator seating has been mounted on a series of burly, shock-absorbing springs to keep the bumps at bay. Fold down transom seats and table create a suitable space for picnics and whatnot, or for something a little more relaxed, long padded tube seating doubles as sunbed lounge space.


For the time being, the Electric E4 is aimed at the high-end leisure market, but you can expect to see these new technologies make their way into the wider Sealegs offering. Stay tuned.

Quick Specifications

BEAM 2.71m
DRAFT 0.41m
WATER 1,100L

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