Spotlight: Sirena Marine Euphoria 54

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This elegant design slides deftly on the breeze, redefining how it feels to float on Euphoria.



Sirena Marine Euphoria 54 Spotlight

The Euphoria 54 has led the vanguard of Sirena Marine's yacht range since its debut in 2014. At the recent Cannes Yachting Festival the Turkish manufacturer unveiled the latest development in the vessel's ongoing evolution, with the new twin-rudder version designed by the renowned naval architect Germán Frers.

The combination of a sleek hull and smooth deck profile are the first indication of the yacht's precise, minimalist style. A clever deck and simple plan array mean this blue water cruiser can be easily managed by a short-handed crew, while still allowing the ocean-going yacht to provide an exhilarating performance. The sail array is controlled by a runner-free, swept-back spreader rig, available with a choice of either aluminium or carbon fibre spars.


High sea breakers extend up to the stern wheel to protect the cockpit, which features a large opening control panel. The helmsman's life has been made easier thanks to two winches within close reach at the bow of the helm station. A clean, ergonomic layout keeps the deck free of halyards and lines, creating safe, easy-to-manage space – not to mention a clutter-free aesthetic.

Long, slender deck house windows taper forward into a large seamless central free-area. Despite their narrow profile they allow for plenty of daylight to flow below deck and illuminate the modern interior – with help from port windows and skylights – which was designed in collaboration with Design Unlimited.


Taking cues from the boat's no-nonsense exterior, the white finishes and light wooden panelling are defined by organic lines and effortless transitions to create a calm atmosphere. The layout includes three spacious double cabins, each with its own en suite, and can facilitate the addition of a crew cabin. Clever storage and considered finishing ensure that even the smallest spaces can be put into good use, lending an extra layer of comfort to the luxurious living spaces.


Quick Specifications

BEAM 4.9m
DRAFT 2.4/3.0m
SAIL AREA Main 95m2 Jib 71m2

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