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When a customer asked for ‘the fastest Zeelander ever built’ that’s exactly what they got.



Zeelander Z55 Spotlight

Harnessing the fury of twin Volvo Penta IPS-1350s, the Zeelander Z55 rumbles to the tune of 2000 horses and can hit 42kts at a gallop. In order to restrain such unbridled power, the Dutch manufacturer were required to rethink the relationship between hull strength and lamination thickness, and toughen up containment area. In turn, this gave them the ability to crank up the boat's sound proofing as well – meaning it's not only the fastest Zeelander ever built, it's also one of the quietest.

Though the fluid lines of the boat are practically bulging with latent thrust, the sound-dampening technology is hard to spot. During the redesign process they were able to work closely with a consulting acoustics expert, helping them load the chine with rubber matting and upgrade the engine room insulation to mega yacht levels. Pump, motor and gyrostabiliser mounts were all overhauled to rule out any chance of structurally transmitted noise.


As tempting as it may be to open throttle and let loose the stallions that lurk below deck, it'd be hard to resist the peacock-like instinct to take a slow pass of any green-eyed onlookers. With an elegant exterior that references art nouveau elements of New York's early transit network, the Z55 looks like something out of a Baz Luhrmann-directed remake of the classic Waterworld. Retro aesthetics have been fused with modern design sensibilities to produce a stunning form that's guaranteed to turn heads.

The spacious main deck gives way to a large swim platform, complete with bar and swim ladder. A pair of Seabobs and 100Hp Williams tender are tucked in a garage below, ready for a run into shore or a spot of Cousteau-esque underwater exploration.


Three bedrooms fill in the remainder of the space down below (those beefy engines take up almost half of the lower footprint); a roomy master bedroom, a comfortable VIP suite and a guest/crew cabin furnished with a set of bunks. The master and VIP rooms both feature a queen size bed and generously sized TV. Teak woodwork gives living and communal areas an additional air of luxury, while ample storage compartments reaffirm the practicality and utility that have been considered at every turn.

The main consideration for prospective buyers is whether it’s worth sacrificing a bit of space in the underbelly for some extra power on the run. From its engorged engine room to its luxuriously-finished living areas, however, the Zeelander Z55 has clearly been built to leave a lasting impression. So if you’re the type to enjoy a bit of attention on the water and in the marina then you’ll feel right at home aboard this ostentatious vessel.


Quick Specifications

DRAFT 1.5m
FUEL 3300L
ENGINE 2 × Volvo Penta IPS-1350

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