Video: Mercury FourStroke F115 outboard review

By: Andrew Norton

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The FourStroke 115 hp Mercury outboard motor develops 112.6 brake horsepower (1bhp = 746 Watts) at 5500rpm. It provides maximum torque at 3500rpm and is available in standard gearcase (2.07:1) and Command Thrust (2.38:1) for heavier planing hulls and pontoon boats. The oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon monoxide emissions are similar to the Mercury OptiMax 115 outboard, easily giving the Mercury F115 an OEDA 3-Star rating.

Mounted on a Quintrex 530 Cruiseabout bowrider, the review 115hp Mercury with Command Thrust (CT) gearcase planed the hull faster and at lower rpm than the standard gearcase Mercury 115 on the same hull. It was also quieter across the entire rpm range too, due to less load on the engine. For a boat used for family fun including towing ankle biters around on a ski biscuit, the Mercury 115hp with CommandThrist would be my choice. Mid-range fuel efficiency or distance travelled for fuel used is also better than comparable DFI two-stroke outboard motors. Noise levels are also lower.


Videos: Mercury FourStroke outboard motors

We spent a couple of days reviewing new engines in the new Mercury FourStroke outboard motor range. Mercury Marine has done a top job with these marine engines, and as you can see, our video crew was kept very busy, as was engine expert Andrew "Engine Man" Norton and senior boat tester, John "Bear" Willis. Here's what they had to say.

Mercury 80hp Four Stroke outboard motor

Mercury F80 FourStroke outboard

Don’t stress over this outboard wearing out. The Mercury F80 develops maximum power at just 5000rpm, way lower than competing engines.

Mercury Four Stroke 90hp

Mercury F90 FourStroke outboard

Loads of low-down grunt and efficient running made the F90 FourStroke Andrew "Engine Man" Norton’s pick of the lot.

Mercury Command Thrust Gearcase

Mercury Command Thrust gearcases

The new FourStroke range isn’t just about engines. Mercury also redesigned its engine gearboxes to reduce drag and increase overall performance.

Anthony Brown Mercury Marine

What else is new?

Mercury Australia’s Anthony Brown explains what else is new, from significant engine weight savings to the SmartStart system that won’t wreck the starter motor.


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