Yamaha portable outboards

By: Ian Macrae, Photography by: Yamaha Australia

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Yamaha 4hp outboard Yamaha 4hp outboard
Yamaha 5hp outboard motor Yamaha 5hp outboard motor

Compact, lightweight and powerful were the goals of the engineers creating these Yamaha portable outboard motors.

Yamaha portable outboards
Yamaha portable outboard motors have low-vibration rubber mounts between the powerhead and bottom cowling.

Originally published in TrailerBoat #253, February / March 2010

Filling a vital horsepower bracket in the Australian market, the all new Yamaha F4, F5 and F6 outboard motors have been designed to be easy to use and exceptionally smooth running. With a range of exclusive features, increased capacity for greater performance, as well as the latest generation cowl design and graphics, these new portables are sure to be a popular addition to Yamaha’s current engine line-up.



These motors are fitted with low-vibration rubber mounts between the powerhead and bottom cowling. Additional rubber mounts between the bottom cowling and the base of the tiller handle further reduce vibrations for more comfortable driver control.

For easy transport and mounting, these engines are fitted with an ergonomically designed grasp on the front of the motor and a large carry handle on the rear. The engines also feature Yamaha’s unique oil-leak prevention system.

This ingenious innovation allows the owner to store, or transport the engine on either side or its front without leaking engine oil. This means worry free transport in a car boot and hassle free storage.

Starting has never been so easy with the use of Yamaha’s easy-start decompression device. This system releases some of the pressure in the cylinder when the manual starter is engaged. This means the engine can be started easily under any conditions.



These engines feature a three-step shallow-water drive system, an extremely useful feature for tackling Australia’s shallow rivers, estuaries and creeks as well as a five-step trim adjustment that can be modified depending on water conditions and boat load for optimum engine performance in all waterways.

All models in this range come with tiller handle and manual start and are available in both short and long shaft configurations. A choice of two newly developed factory propellers added to the existing range of small horsepower props gives these engines added versatility for a wide range of applications.

As part of Yamaha’s ongoing commitment to the environment, these engines have been tuned for optimum efficiency and low emissions and are rated as three-star ultra-low-emission engines.

All Yamaha four-stroke outboards are supported with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty and all two-stroke outboards are backed by a three-year warranty. Yamaha outboards are also available with the unique Protection Plus package that allows customers to access extended service protection, Yamaha Marine Insurance as well as DatadotDNA theft protection for more confident and worry free boating.

For further information and dealer locations, phone (07) 3906 7000 or visit www.yamaha-motor.com.au


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Originally published in TrailerBoat #253, February / March 2010


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