Engine Man's 10 best Yamaha outboards

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Trade-a-Boat’s resident engine expert presents 10 of his favourite Yamaha outboards.

If we ever have a question on a marine engine, we know we can get an answer from Andrew "Engine Man" Norton. Trade-a-Boat’s resident outboard motor expert for well over a decade, Andrew lives, breathes, and loves engines like no one else we know.

In his time with us he has tested a staggering number of outboards and marine diesel engines — both ‘out of the box’ on new rigs, as well as long-term (and in some cases, he’s tested and reviewed the same unit for more than a decade). Indeed, we invite you to check out Trade-a-Boat’s extensive archives of marine engine reviews.

While Engine Man is not biased towards a particular brand, it does so happen that he’s tested a lot of Yamaha engines in his time with us. That’s hardly surprising, given how popular Yamaha engines are. So on that note, here are…


10 of Engine Man’s favourite Yamaha outboards 

Yamaha 2C

Yamaha 2C portable outboard motor

The best way to test an engine is to see how it stands up after many years of use. Engine Man's been testing the same Yamaha 2C unit for several years now, and after 360 hours of saltwater immersion, no corrosion was apparent anywhere on the lower unit, leg or powerhead. Plus, it’s super simple to maintain and is incredibly reliable.



Yamaha F300B

Yamaha F300B outboard

Where to even start with the magnificent FYamaha 300B? It’s one of the most technologically advanced boat engines in existence that comes together in a brilliant piece of design. Quite frankly, a masterpiece of marine engineering.



Yamaha F150A

Yamaha F150 outboard engine

The F150A was the first of Yamaha’s big fours, designed on the basis that there’s no substitute for cubes and eliminating the need to run variable intake valve timing. Indeed, testing this unit on a Haines Hunter 650 revealed holeshot to be just as good as similar output DFI two-strokes.



Yamaha 40X

Yamaha 40 Enduro outboard motor

The 40X is an excellent repower engine for older aluminium runabouts like the Quintrex 4.3 Fishabout or 4.6m deHavilland Offshore. At only 81kg it won’t damage old transoms and will remain cheap to maintain and service.



Yamaha F70A

Yamaha F70A outboard motor

Since its release in 2010, the F70A has been an exceptionally popular repower choice for older boats. It’s compact, lightweight, easily maintained and serviced — and like all current Yamaha outboards, has a track record of survival in a marine environment.



Yamaha 30H

Yamaha 30H outboard motor

Known for being straightforward to maintain and repair, the Yamaha 30H also has an excellent reputation for reliability and survival. It’s hard to beat as a repower option for older boats.



Yamaha F25D

Yamaha F25D outboard motor

The Yamaha F25D traces its origins in Australia to 1998, when it was first released as the Yamaha F25A. It’s a throwback to the simplicity of carbie outboards and indeed, Engine Man reminds us how stripping a carbie to clean jets of dirt and grit is way easier than disassembling electronic fuel injection.



Yamaha F9.9FS

Yamaha F9.9 engine

The F9.9FS does a brilliant job of squeezing more torque and power from the long-running F8C. Left permanently bolted on a transom, it’s a logical low-emission choice for tinnies to 3.7m.



Yamaha 25NMHL

Yamaha 25NMHL outboard motor

Created in the go-go 1980s, the Yamaha 25NMHL has comfortably stood the test of time. It’s a reliable engine that’s fun to drive without costing a fortune. It can also be fitted with remote control and forward steering.



Yamaha 70B

Yamaha 70B outboard motor

The 70B (and 90A) are classics that saltwater anglers should treasure. These engines have excellent saltwater corrosion resistance (ever since Yamaha’s titanium-content YDC30 alloy was introduced in 1995), plus they’re simple to maintain and service.




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