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All hell breaks loose when a Yamaha F250 V6 four-stroke outboard teams up with a Sportsman 232 open.

Yahama -F250


Fitted up with the maximum horsepower Yamaha F250 this centre console is far from a sluggish battle axe on the water. Yamaha’s six-cylinder (V6) 4.2lt four-stroke is a proven performer and is most certainly a good match in the Sportsman 232 Open.

Hole-shot was punchy and quick to get onto the plane. The motor settles quietly and smoothly into the mid-range at around 4000rpm, and when opening it up to WOT, that’s where all hell breaks loose with a very healthy 46kts achieved on the flat water, and that’s flying.

The 232 also has the engine data integrated into the Simrad systems, which is handy, however, separate gauges are a preference of mine and on this boat I would add the new Yamaha LCD flat screen display fitted for engine data.

These V6 four-stroke outboards range from 200hp in a 3.5lt, to the 225-300hp in a 4.2lt that’s loaded with decent low down and top-end grunt. The variable camshaft timing radically increases throttle response, delivering exceptional power throughout the rev ranges.

Yamaha -F250-2

On the technical side, the 4.2lt capacity has been achieved by a highly advanced thermally-applied plasma fusion process on the cylinder walls, a feature commonly found on high performance sports cars. There are also no conventional steel cylinders, yet the walls are 60 per cent harder than steel, resulting in more power, torque, better cooling properties, and significantly reducing the overall weight of the motors to (253kg – 25 inch) and (259kg – 30 inch). On the transom of the 232 the motor weight is hardly noticed.

The V6 is also compatible with the new Yamaha electronic rigging system which features the new high-contrast multi-engine LCD display and as previously mentioned, I would prefer this gauge system on the 232 as well integrating into the Simrad system. The new electronic controls, new key switches and start/stop panels offer more convenience, flexibility, and information than before. 


RPM                   SPEED (KTS)       FUEL BURN (LT/H)
1000 4.9 3.7
1500 6.7 8.7
2000 8.9 13.6
2500 13.6 20
3000 18.2 24.9
3500 27.8 34.1
4000 32.5 46.5
4500 36.4 60.5
5000 41.3 76
5500 45.7 87.4
5850 46.5 91.9

*Sea-trial data supplied by the author


Type 24 Valve DOHC with VCT Direct Action 60°–V6

Weight 253kg

Displacement 4169cc

Gear ratio 1.75:

Propeller Yamaha Salt Water Series 19" x 151/4

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