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Maritimo has this week been performing sea trials of the latest Seakeeper Gyro-scopic Anti-Roll Stabiliser, the 7000 model, on its sleek Aegean 50 flybridge cruiser. Represented here by Twin Disc, the Seakeeper stabiliser claims to eliminate up to 80 per cent of roll in your boat. Although it weighs 455kg, the 7000 is said to be a market leader in the emerging gyro world in respect of size and relative light weight. Apparently, the customer of the A50 ordered the $90,000 option to give his boat hitherto new levels of stability when underway. We hear the Maritimo crews' jaws were dropping over the results. See an upcoming edition of Tradeaboat magazine for our professional sea trials. Meantime, here's a corporate video on the hot new Seakeeper technology, which uses a high-speed spinning flywheel in a vacuum-sealed dome mounted in the engineroom. Check it out.


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